Soot blast chiller

Soot blast chiller

The soot blast chiller for modular grills

The soot blast chiller is a purification device for chimneys, designed to eliminate carbonaceous particulate matter (soot) and impurities of various kinds from the combustion fumes of professional kitchens.

The filtering system foresees a double water washing, which reduces odours by 60-70% and removes any suspended impurities in total safety. The expelled air, saturated with steam and at a temperature of about 50°C, does not pollute the atmosphere and prevents the danger of fire.

power AC 220-240V
AC 220-240V
water connection
w. connection
water discharge
w. discharge
indoor use
indoor use
CE certification

The fumes purification in total safety

The soot blast chiller, with its solid stainless steel structure, was designed primarily as an accessory for modular grills. It can also be used in any other fume expulsion system for restaurants (extractor hoods). It can be easily installed upstream of the kitchen chimney and only needs a connection for running water and a drain.



Stainless steel structure guaranteeing solidity, safety and hygiene

Upper mouths for inspection, cleaning and maintenance

Double water washing array

Automatic water reload

Pump power supply 220-240 V (0,5 kW)

Technical data

Soot blast chiller dimensions

power supply 220-240 V (0,5 kW)

air flow rate 650 mc/h

water connections 250 mm (female)

capacity 30 lt. (automatic reload)

4+3 spiral washing nozzles

outlet steam temperature 50°C

odour abatement 60-70%


modello width height depth
BLAST CHILLER 1100 mm 850 mm 650 mm

Single color


Work environments


Professional kitchens

The soot blast chiller is suitable for grill restaurants, steakhouses, pubs, brasseries, taverns, fast-foods, self-services restaurants, hotels and all restaurants in general.


CE certification

CE certification

The device is a Made in Italy product by Griglia King, constructed with materials and workmanship of the highest quality, tested and certified according to current regulations.

Soot blast chiller compatible models

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