Electric spit for cooking healthy and tasty

Spiedoz is the electric rotisserie with a large size, designed for cooking of spit-roasted chickens and large meats in a healthy and tasty way. The model, conceived for professional and domestic use, can be used with barbecues and fireplaces or installed on modular grills, guarantees good quality performances, is completely stand-alone, practical to use, safe and easy to clean.


The easy ovens range includes the models pizza oven, mini oven, maxi oven and rotisserie, according to any use requirements.

power supply AC 220-240V
AC 220-240V
spits 8x950 mm
8x950 mm
indoor use
indoor use
outdoor use
outdoor use
CE Certification

High quality spit

The model is made by Griglia King with materials and workmanship of the highest quality (especially stainless steel and tempered glass), is completely Made in Italy, tested and certified according to current regulations.

Spiedoz is a model suitable for any professional and domestic spaces, such as kitchens, taverns, gardens, dehors, porches and gazeboes.



rotisserie dimensions

stainless steel structure and planetary

8 rotating steel spouts from 950 mm

central spit thickness 10 mm

cast iron support

enamelled collecting tank

flow rate 100 Kg

220-240V power supply

compatible with modular grills

model width height depth
SPIEDOZ 1150 mm 500 mm 500 mm
brushed steel




24-36 cover

The complete line of easy ovens

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