Prefabricated barbecues

Prefabricated barbecues

Garden barbecues powered by wood or charcoal

The line of prefabricated barbecues is the new collection of outdoor grills, ideal for organizing amazing parties in open air.


A range of strong models, with high quality standards, reliability and safety, on which the beauty of shapes, materials and attention to details are the real added value. These barbecues are particularly suitable for environments such as gardens, parks, porches and gazebos.

Prefabricated barbecues presentation

Why choose Griglia King barbecues

Perfect for high quality cooking in total safety

Great for amazing outdoor grill parties

Suitable for beginners and professionals alike

Eliminates excess fat for healthy and flavorful cooking

Maintains the softness of food, enhances the taste, aroma of grilled cooking and avoids the risk of carbonization

Works with wood or charcoal

Ideal for any outdoor space

100% Made in Italy models

Prefabricated barbecues use

Easy to use

The prefabricated barbecues are designed to be very easy to use even for beginners. They adapt to any outdoor space, are fun to use and lend themselves to any convivial occasion. They do not require special accessories or complements and are easy to clean and maintain.

Prefabricated barbecue models

Models for every use

The range of barbecues is composed of models with well-defined styles, Hurricane and Typhoon with modern lines, Cyclone with a minimalist design and Diablo with unique shapes. Tested and certified according to current regulations, they guarantee excellent performance, are completely autonomous, safe and super efficient.

Wood embers

Powered by wood or charcoal

All models work with embers produced by the combustion of wood, preferably seasoned as that of olive, ash and oak. Alternatively, they can also be powered by charcoal, which is easier to manage, durable and economical.

Barbecue flavour

Delicious aroma of grilled food

The prefabricated barbecues are ideal for grilling, grating and roasting, maintaining the internal softness, ensuring a perfect caramelisation of the external surfaces and giving the grilled food a delicious aroma.

The complete range of prefabricated barbecues

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