Elena pizza oven

Pizza oven

Garden oven powered by wood

Elena is the pizza oven with a classic design, dedicated to true lovers of wood-fired pizza, ideal for organizing amazing outdoor parties.

The dome shape gives this oven a traditional character, making it robust and suitable for any type of garden. Tested and certified according the current regulations, it guarantees excellent performance, is completely stand-alone, easy to use and handle.

biscotto sorrento 900x650 mm
900x650 mm
indoor use
indoor use
outdoor use
outdoor use
CE certification

Top quality pizza oven

Elena pizza oven, with its solid steel structure, has been designed to be completely independent and super reliable. It can be used with maximum efficiency and manoeuvrability in any outdoor and indoor spaces, both for professional and domestic use.



Steel structure guaranteeing solidity, safety and hygiene

Hob in handmade natural clay bricks (Biscotto di Sorrento) with a capacity of 4 pizzas

Insulated vaulted dome for maximum thermal insulation

Arched front mouth equipped with a comfortable support shelf

Removable front door with tempered glass

Control thermometer

Chimney for the expulsion of fumes

Cooking top

Cooking top

The cooking top is made of “Biscotto di Sorrento”, a natural hand-made brick, obtained from a particular type of very porous and silicon-rich clay (volcanic origin). It allows fast and uniform cooking, keeping the properties of the pasta unaltered and giving the pizza the classic aroma of wood cooking.

Insulated dome

Insulated dome

The dome with a shaped steel vault is equipped with glass wool insulation. Specially designed to obtain maximum insulation, it allows to avoid heat loss, ensuring perfect heat distribution inside. It has a comfortable arched front mouth, equipped with a shelf and door with tempered glass.



The chimney, made of stainless steel, is necessary for using the pizza oven in the garden. Installed through a nozzle on the dome, it ensures the correct expulsion of cooking fumes, minimizing the propagation of soot. Alternatively, for indoor use, the pizza oven can be conveniently connected to a flue pipe.


Powered by wood

The pizza oven is powered by wood, preferably seasoned like that of beech, which produces a beautiful live flame, quickly reaching temperature. It gives pizzas the traditional aroma of wood cooking, with excellent value for money. It can be easily ignited by fire lighter (liquid or solid) or wood.

Pizza oven presentation

Elena pizza oven

Why choose Griglia King pizza oven

Perfect for high quality cooking in total safety

Great for fun-filled outdoor parties

Suitable for beginners and professionals alike

Maintains the crunchiness of the dough, enhances the aroma of traditional wood-fired cooking

Preserves the organoleptic properties of the ingredients

Works with wood

Ideal for any type of garden

Can also be used indoors (with flue pipe)

100% Made in Italy model

Technical data

Pizza oven dimensions

powered by wood

maximum wood load 3 Kg

ignition time 20 min.

recommended temperature 250-300°C

average service duration 1-2 h

cooking top 900x650 mm

chimney tube diameter 150 mm

washing and cleaning 15 min.


model width height depth
ELENA 850 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm

Color variants

red color
black color
grey color

Production capacity


Professional/domestic (capacity 4 pizzas)

The pizza oven is suitable for any outdoor spaces, both at professional level (restaurants, farmhouses, catering), and for domestic use (gardens, villas, porches). It can also be used indoors, connected to a flue pipe.


CE certification

CE certification

The Elena model is a Made in Italy product by Griglia King, constructed with materials and workmanship of the highest quality, tested and certified according to current regulations.


stainless steel chimney


painted steel table

oven installed on table

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