Mini grill oven Onanoz

Mini grill oven

The electric rotisserie oven for spit-roast cooking

Onanoz is the electric grill oven with compact dimensions, complete with rotisserie, ideal for spit-roasting in a healthy and tasty way.

The essential shape gives this oven a sober character, making it efficient and practical for spit-roasting chickens and large meat. Tested and certified according the current regulations, it guarantees excellent performance, is completely stand-alone, easy to use and clean.

power AC 220-240V
AC 220-240V
spiedi 4x550 mm
4x550 mm
indoor use
indoor use
outdoor use
outdoor use
CE certification

Top quality grill oven

Onanoz grill oven, with its solid steel structure, has been designed to be completely independent and super reliable. It can be used with maximum efficiency and manoeuvrability in any indoor and outdoor spaces, both for professional and domestic use.



Steel structure guaranteeing solidity, safety and hygiene

Motorized planetarium in stainless steel diameter 240 mm

4 stainless steel rotating 550 mm skewers + central spit

Front drip-saver door with tempered glass and comfortable handle

Dispenser for oil, spices and various seasonings

Glazed dripping pan for sauce collection

Control thermostat

Power supply 220-240 V (2 kW)

Cooking chamber

Cooking chamber

The stainless steel cooking chamber is designed to ensure proper heat diffusion and uniform cooking. It allows to maintain the organoleptic properties unchanged, giving the food the tasty aroma of spit cooking, without producing smoke (no chimney required).

Rotisserie power on


The rotisserie consists of a motorized planetarium with 4 rotating spits, central spit and stainless steel forks. It allows the spit cooking of different types of food in a simple and fast way. It is also equipped with an drip extractable glazed pan for the collection of the sauce and easy cleaning.

Dispenser and settings

Dispenser and settings

The convenient top dispenser allows the addition of oil, seasonings and spices in total safety, without having to open the oven door. The front thermostat, equipped with coloured indicator lights, allows you to set the temperature and cooking times.

Power supply

Power supply

The grill oven is powered by electric energy, which allows heating high efficiency heating element placed in the upper part of the cooking chamber. It also allows the operation of the motor supplied with the rotisserie.

Grill oven presentation

Why choose Griglia King grill oven

Perfect for high quality cooking in total safety

Preserves the organoleptic properties of food

Suitable for beginners and professionals alike

Ideal for cooking large meats

Maintains the softness of food, enhances the taste and delicious aroma of spit cooking

Works electrically

Does not produce smoke and does not require a flue pipe

Can be used in any indoor or outdoor spaces

100% Made in Italy model

Technical data

Mini grill oven dimensions

electric power supply 220-240 V (2 kW)

maximum load 38 Kg

ignition time 20 min.

recommended temperature 250-300°C

planetary diameter 240 mm

4 spits length 550 mm

Q.10 central spit

timer 120 min.

washing and cleaning 15 min.


model width height depth
ONANOZ 800 mm 520 mm 420 mm

Color variants

brushed steel
brushed steel

Production capacity


Professional/domestic (10-15 pax)

The mini grill oven is suitable for any indoor or outdoor spaces, both at professional level (restaurants, farmhouses, catering), and for domestic use (gardens, villas, porches). Does not require a flue pipe.


CE certification

CE certification

The Onanoz model is a Made in Italy product by Griglia King, constructed with materials and workmanship of the highest quality, tested and certified according to current regulations.

Included accessories

stainless steel planetarium and central spit

Included accessories

stainless steel forks and spit

Included accessories

glazed drip pan

The complete line of easy ovens

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