Paride EVO charcoal oven

Medium charcoal oven

Charcoal oven evolution for restaurants

Paride EVO is the new medium charcoal oven, ideal for cooking excellent grilled foods in restaurants with wide kitchens.

Result of a careful design phase and solid market experience, this charcoal oven is the latest generation professional model, particularly suitable for direct and indirect cooking, even at low temperatures. Tested and certified according the current regulations, it guarantees excellent performance, is completely stand-alone, super efficient, practical to use and quick to clean.

grill 765x580 mm
765x580 mm
indoor use
indoor use
outdoor use
outdoor use
CE certification

The charcoal oven suitable for any kitchen

Paride EVO charcoal oven, with its solid brushed steel structure, has been designed to be independent and easy to install in any kitchen. It does not require a flue pipe, but thanks to the flame protection terminal, it can be placed in total safety under the extractor hood.



External structure and cooking chamber in brushed stainless-steel, guarantee of sturdiness, durability and hygiene

Sliding stainless-steel cooking grill, adjustable on 5 levels, completely removable for loading and washing

Shaped cast iron tank for embers with handy removable ash drawer, for quick cleaning at the end of service

Front door with tempered glass and stainless-steel handle, space-saving flap and drip-safe opening

Flame protection terminal for easy installation under the extractor hood of any kitchen

Temperature regulation valve and control thermometer

Cooking chamber

Cooking chamber

The cooking chamber is designed to guarantee perfect heat diffusion and uniform caramelization. This allows the organoleptic properties to be maintained unaltered, retains the juices – without burning – and gives the food its classic barbecue aroma. The sliding grill shelf in stainless-steel rod diameter 8 mm, can be adjusted to 5 cooking levels and easily removed for cleaning.

Embers tank

Tank for embers

The tank for embers, placed at the base of the cooking chamber, is made of shaped cast iron to ensure maximum resistance and perfect heat distribution. It can be loaded directly with charcoal, easy to ignite thanks to the adjustable oxygenation vents. The removable ash recovery drawer also makes cleaning easy and quick.

Flame protection

Flame protection

The flame protection terminal (optional), made of stainless-steel, is required for charcoal oven installation under the extractor hood. It ensures the correct expulsion of the cooking fumes, minimizing the spread of odor in the kitchen.

Powered by charcoal

Power directly by charcoal

The oven is directly powered by charcoal, which ensures a higher calorific value, a double life and a significant cost saving compared to wood embers. It can be easily ignited by coal igniters (liquid or solid) and is a guarantee of hygiene in the kitchen, thanks to sterile and certified packaging.

Charcoal oven presentation

Why choose Griglia King charcoal oven

Perfect for high quality direct and indirect cooking

Preserves the organoleptic properties of food

Ideal for grilling, grating, roasting and smoking

Excellent for slow cooking at low temperature

Maintains the softness of food, enhances the taste, aroma of grilled cooking and avoids the risk of carbonization

Charcoal guarantees excellent energy efficiency, maximum hygiene in the kitchen and a considerable economic savings

Increases service productivity by up to 50% with significant time and space savings

100% Made in Italy model

Technical data

Medium oven dimensions

powered by charcoal

maximum charcoal load 4 Kg

ignition time 20 min.

recommended temperature 250-300°C

average load duration 2-3 h

cooking grill 765x580 mm

minimum draft 3000-3500 mc/h

washing and cleaning 20 min.


model width height depth
PARIDE EVO 960 mm 790 mm 700 mm

Color variants

brushed steel
brushed steel

Production capacity


80-100 pax

The medium charcoal oven is suitable for grill restaurants, steakhouses, pubs, brasseries, taverns, fast-foods, self-services restaurants, hotels and all restaurants in general.


CE certification

CE certification

The Paride EVO model is a Made in Italy product by Griglia King, constructed with materials and workmanship of the highest quality, tested and certified according to current regulations.


stainless steel rod grill (diameter 8 mm)


stainless steel tools (shovel and pliers)


terminal for under-hood installation (not included)

charcoal oven configured with flame protection terminal


additional stainless steel rod grill


stainless steel heating shelf (food warmer)

The complete line of professional charcoal ovens

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