Easy ovens

Easy oven

The ovens for pizza and spit-roast cooking

The easy oven line has been designed to offer certain types of cooking, in restaurants and outdoors.


Developed to be reliable and extremely practical, these ovens are dedicated exclusively to cooking pizza and spit-roasted meat. They guarantee excellent performance in total safety, are completely autonomous, easy to use and easy to install in kitchen and in garden.

Easy ovens presentation

Why choose Griglia King easy oven

Perfect for high quality cooking in total safety

Allow uniform, healthy and tasty cooking

Preserves the organoleptic properties of food

Suitable for beginners and professionals alike

Very easy to install and practical to use

Can be used in any indoor or outdoor spaces

Works with wood or electrically

100% Made in Italy models

Professional use ovens

Professional and domestic use

The easy ovens are designed to be reliable and practical to use in both professional and domestic contexts. They are easy to handle and adapt easily to any indoor or outdoor environment. They do not require special accessories or complements and they are simple to clean and maintain.

Ovens for special cooking

Ovens for special cooking

The range of easy ovens is composed of models dedicated to particular types of cooking, Elena (wood-fired pizza), Onanoz, Obesoz and Spiedoz (spit-roast). Tested and certified according to the regulations, all models guarantee excellent performance, are completely stand-alone, safety and super efficient.

Crunchiness of wood-fired pizza

Crunchiness of wood-fired pizza

he pizza oven allows you to quickly bake up to 4 round pizzas, giving crunchiness to the dough and preserving the organoleptic properties of the ingredients. It is ideal to enhance all the taste and aroma of traditional wood-fired cooking.

Delicious aroma of spit-roasting

Delicious aroma of spit-roasting

The grill ovens (mini and maxi) and the rotisserie, allow the cooking on the spit of chickens and big meat. They are ideal for evenly roasting food, maintaining the internal softness and giving the food the delicious aroma of spit-roasting.

The complete line of easy oven

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