Diablo prefabricated barbecue

Prefabricated barbecue

Garden barbecue with pizza oven

Diablo is the prefabricated barbecue equipped with wood pizza oven, ideal for organizing amazing outdoor parties.

The unique design and high quality materials make it sturdy and functional, suitable for use in any garden or porch.
Tested according to current regulations, it guarantees excellent performance in total safety, is completely stand-alone, easy to use and quick to clean.

grill 790x350 mm
790x350 mm
outdoor use
outdoor use
CE certification

The top quality barbecue

The Diablo prefabricated barbecue, with its compact prefabricated structure, is designed to be efficient and super reliable. It can be used with the greatest of ease by both beginners and true professionals.



Prefabricated structure in expanded clay cement agglomerate reinforced with iron brackets

Walls and fire plane made of highly refractory material

Wood oven made of highly refractory material complete with metal door and thermometer

Sliding stainless-steel cooking grill, adjustable on 3 levels, completely removable

Integrated hood complete with chimney for smoke expulsion

Working shelves and lower wood compartments

Combustion chamber

Combustion chamber and grill

The combustion chamber, made of highly refractory material, ensures perfect heat diffusion and uniform cooking. The stainless steel sliding grill with convenient wooden handles can be adjusted to 2 different cooking levels and easily removed for cleaning.

Pizza oven

Pizza oven

The wood pizza oven with its classic vaulted dome shape is made of highly refractory material to ensure complete safety and maximum resistance to the heat released by the fire. The arched front spout has a sheet metal door with ventilation holes, handle and thermometer.

Prefabricated structure

Prefabricated structure

The prefabricated structure is made of expanded clay cement agglomerate reinforced with iron brackets. Supplied disassembled and raw, must be installed on a suitable floor using mortar or glue, completely plastered with metal mesh and waterproofed with suitable material. It can be tinted with quartz paint.


Powered by wood or charcoal

The barbecue and pizza oven can be powered by wood, preferably seasoned wood such as olive, ash and oak. Alternatively, the barbecue can also powered by charcoal. They can be ignited by coal igniters (liquid or solid) or sticks.

Prefabricated barbecue presentation

Diablo prefabricated barbecue

Why choose Griglia King barbecue

Perfect for high quality cooking in total safety

Great for amazing outdoor parties

Suitable for beginners and professionals alike

The barbecue allows for healthy and tasty cooking

The pizza oven enhances the aroma of traditional wood-fired cooking

Works with wood or charcoal

Ideal for any outdoor space

100% Made in Italy

Technical data

Diablo barbecue dimensions

powered by wood

powered by charcoal (barbecue)

ignition time 15 min.

recommended temperature 200°C

average load duration 2 h

cooking grill 790x350 mm

washing and cleaning 20 min.


model width height depth
DIABLO 1950 mm 2420 mm 1020 mm



Work environments



The Diablo barbecue is perfectly suited to any outdoor space in the home, such as gardens, porches, villas & pools and private homes in general.


CE certification

CE certification

The Diablo model is a Made in Italy product by Griglia King, constructed with materials and workmanship of the highest quality, tested and certified according to current regulations.


stainless steel gravy rack with wooden handles


wood holder wing in powder coated stainless steel

The complete range of prefabricated barbecues

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