Lisa country barbecue

Country barbecue

Garden barbecue powered by wood or charcoal

Lisa is the garden barbecue with a country design, dedicated to true lovers of grilled food, ideal for preparing amazing grills in open air.

The traditional barrel shape with circled slats gives this barbecue a rustic character, also suitable as a decorative element for the most particular locations. Tested and certified according the current regulations, it guarantees excellent performance, is completely stand-alone, easy to use and handle.

grill Ø830 mm
Ø830 mm
outdoor use
outdoor use
CE certification

The professional barbecue for every use

Lisa garden barbecue, with its solid steel structure, has been designed to be completely independent and super reliable. It can be used with maximum efficiency and manoeuvrability in any outdoor spaces, both for professional and domestic use.



Steel structure guaranteeing solidity, safety and hygiene

Stainless steel cooking grill, liftable for loading the embers and completely removable for washing

Cast iron embers pit (high temperature resistant)

Brazier with steel firewood holder

Front working shelf

Wheels and handle for handling

Cooking grill

Cooking grill

The grill, composed by two sections, is made of stainless steel to ensure perfect heat transmission and uniform cooking. This allows the juices to be vaporised, eliminates excess fat – without burning – and gives the food its classic barbecue aroma. It can be lifted for embers management and removed for cleaning.

Embers pit

Embers pit

The embers containment pit, located under the grill, is made of cast iron to ensure maximum resistance and perfect heat distribution. In wood-fired operation, it is filled with burning embers produced by gravity from the apposite brazier. Alternatively, it can be loaded directly with charcoal. The ash is easily recovered for quick cleaning.

Special finish

Special finished

The particular type of “rusty” effect of the staves, obtained through a controlled process of oxidation and subsequent painting, gives each barbecue produced a vintage look, making it a unique element, an original piece of Made in Italy craftsmanship. Alternatively, it is available in green or antique pink painted version.


Powered by wood or charcoal

The barbecue can be powered by wood, preferably seasoned like that of olive, ash and oak. Alternatively, it can also work with charcoal, which ensures a higher heating value, a double life span and considerable economic savings. It can be ignited by coal igniters (liquid or solid) or wood igniters.

Country barbecue presentation

Barbecue country rust version

Why choose Griglia King country barbecue

Perfect for high quality cooking in total safety

Great for amazing outdoor grill party

Suitable for beginners and professionals alike

Erase excess fat without burns for homogenous, healthy and tasty cooking

Maintains the softness of food, enhances the taste, aroma of grilled cooking and avoids the risk of carbonization

Works with wood or charcoal

Also ideal as a furnishing element for special locations

100% Made in Italy model

Technical data

Barbecue dimensions

powered by wood

alternative powered by charcoal

maximum charcoal load 3 Kg

ignition time 20 min.

recommended temperature 200°C

average service duration 2 h

cooking grill diameter 830 mm

washing and cleaning 15 min.


model width height depth
LISA 1500 mm 1200 mm 950 mm

Color variants

rust texture
rust texture
green color
pink color

Work environments



The country barbecue is suitable for any outdoor spaces, both at professional level (restaurants, farmhouses, catering), and for domestic use (gardens, villas, porches).


CE certification

CE certification

The Lisa model is a Made in Italy product by Griglia King, constructed with materials and workmanship of the highest quality, tested and certified according to current regulations.

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