Charcoal oven EVO

Charcoal ovens EVO

The charcoal ovens evolution for restaurants

The new line of charcoal ovens, presented for the first time ever, is the latest generation professional solution, to propose the cooking of grilled food in all restaurants.


A reliable models range, with high quality standards, safety and efficiency, designed and developed to adapt to different operational needs and kitchen spaces. The ovens EVO are particularly suitable for grill restaurants, steakhouses, pubs and any other restaurants type.

Charcoal ovens presentation

Why choose Griglia King charcoal ovens

Perfect for high quality direct and indirect cooking

Preserves the organoleptic properties of food

Ideal for grilling, grating, roasting and smoking

Excellent for slow cooking at low temperature

Maintains the softness of food, enhances the taste, aroma of grilled cooking and avoids the risk of carbonization

Charcoal guarantees excellent energy efficiency, maximum hygiene in the kitchen and a considerable economic savings

Increases service productivity by up to 50% with significant time and space savings

100% Made in Italy models

Oven installation in the kitchen

Easy installation in all kitchens

The charcoal ovens EVO are completely stand-alone, designed to be independent, super efficient and extremely easy to install in any kitchen. They do not need a flue pipe, but thanks to the flame protection terminal, they can be placed in total safety under the extractor hood, minimizing the spread of odor in the kitchen.

Oven models different needs

Models for every use

The range of charcoal ovens EVO is composed by different size models, Nettuno EVO (ultra compact), Ettore EVO (compact) and Paride EVO (medium). Tested and certified according to current regulations, they are designed to meet the different needs of use, depending on the space of the kitchen and restaurant use requirements.

Charcoal embers

Charcoal embers

All models work with embers of charcoal, a natural fuel obtained from the carbonization process of wood, which ensures greater calorific value, a double life and a considerable cost saving compared to common wood embers. It can be easily ignited by coal igniters (liquid or solid) and is a guarantee of hygiene in the kitchen, thanks to sterile and certified packaging.

Barbecue flavour

Delicious flavour of grilled food

The charcoal ovens EVO allow different techniques and cooking methods, direct and indirect, even at low temperatures (slow cooking are recommended at the end of service). They are ideal for grilling, grating, roasting and smoking, maintaining the internal softness, ensuring a perfect caramelisation of the external surfaces and giving the grilled food a delicious flavour.

The complete line of professional charcoal ovens

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