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Garden barbecues powered by wood or charcoal

The garden barbecues line is the visionary range of models with high quality standards, reliability and safety, on which the beauty of lines, colors and attention to each detail are the true added value.

Designed to be very easy to use, both in the professional and domestic environment, they adapt easily to any outdoor environment, are easy to handle, fun to use and lend themselves to any convivial occasion. They do not require special accessories or complements and are easy to clean and maintain.

All models work with embers produced by the combustion of wood, preferably seasoned as that of olive, ash and oak. Alternatively, they can also be powered by charcoal, a natural fuel obtained from the process of wood carbonization, which ensures greater calorific value, a double life and significant cost savings.

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Lisa country barbecue - Closed


Country barbecue
Lisa is the model with traditional barrel shape with circled slats gives this barbecue a rustic character, also suitable as a decorative element for the most particular locations.

Matteo cult barbecue - XL version


Cult barbecue
Matteo is the model expression of minimal-design, with unique lines that give it the features of a true work of contemporary artwork, a valuable piece of furniture for exclusive locations.

Martina classic barbecue - Side


Classic barbecue
Martina is the model with a solid design, with classic lines and high quality materials, which make it robust and suitable for different needs of use, in any type of garden.

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