UVC-Wall sterilization for restaurants

UVC air sterilization

The new UVC sterilization device

UVC-Wall is the state-of-the-art professional UVC sterilization device for indoor air disinfection and sanitization, for bars, restaurants, holiday farms, hotels, breweries, canteens and all public spaces in general.

UVC-Wall Sterilization

Designed and produced in collaboration with Sterillight, this silent, energy-efficient cutting-edge system has been conceived to be fitted on the ceiling or on the wall, for a totally safe continuous-cycle use, even in the presence of people, animals and plants.

UVC-Wall’s operating principle consists of the air sucked by a special fan, being treated with ultraviolet radiation in a screened reactor, with no need to use any kind of gas or chemical substances before it is put back in circulation.

Its decontamination technology based on powerful bactericidal and germicidal UVC lamps, ensures an effective action against microbiological agents, by eliminating viruses, bacteria, mold spores, fungi, odours and allergens from the air, with no need to ventilate the room after use.

UVC-Wall sterilization device has been tested and certified in compliance with the new EN 60598, EN 60335 and ISO 15858 safety standards. The 2 models (with 2 or 4 UVC lamps) are available in different versions: Basic, Plus (with remote control) and Advanced (with remote control and LED panel).

UVC-Wall installation

Choose UVC-Wall for restaurant!

sanitization up to 99,99% (4-Log)

safe and silent operation

adjustable and low energy (3 speed rates)

(Plus/Advanced version)

(Advanced version)

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