Cooking with charcoal oven

Ovens EVO: Grill cooking in your restaurant

The perfect combination between oven and barbecue!

The charcoal ovens EVO are the latest generation of professional models, designed to propose the cooking of grilled food in any restaurant.

They are the perfect combination between oven and barbecue, allow different cooking techniques, direct and indirect, even at low temperatures, maintaining the internal softness, ensuring a perfect caramelisation of the external surfaces and giving the food the delicious aroma of grilled cooking.

They are ideal for grilling, grating, roasting and smoking the most succulent cuts of meat such as fillet, sirloin, loin, rump, delicious fish, crustaceans, molluscs, many vegetables, bread and polenta, indulging the imagination and creativity of every chef.

Choose the charcoal oven EVO for your restaurants!

All charcoal ovens EVO are designed to be independent, super efficient and extremely easy to install in any kitchen. They do not need a flue pipe, but thanks to the flame protection terminal, they can be placed in total safety under the extractor hood.

The closed structure prevents the heat dispersion of the flame, preventing it from escaping and allowing the perfect cooking temperature to be reached.

The charcoal power ensures a higher heating value, a double life and a considerable economic saving compared to wood embers.

With the charcoal ovens EVO by Griglia King charcoal ovens, grilling is faster and more constant than with a traditional barbecue, saving a lot of time and respecting the quality of each food.

The range of charcoal oven EVO

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