New charcoal ovens

New charcoal ovens

The wait is over! The new Griglia King charcoal ovens are ready

We are proud to announce the imminent release of the new charcoal ovens by Griglia King, a series of latest generation professional models, designed to offer grilled cooking in any restaurant.

Result of a long design phase and of the solid experience, these innovative ovens powered by vegetal charcoal do not need a chimney, but have been designed to be installed, in total safety, under the hood of any kitchen.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn about this revolutionary range of models, which has brilliantly passed all the most stringent operational tests, and is ready to face the professional market, with the ambition to act as an innovative solution with high standards of quality, reliability and energy efficiency.

Soon all information!

Powered by charcoal

Charcoal benefits

Our ovens are powered directly with vegetal charcoal, which provides greater power heater, a double life and a considerable economic saving compared to common wood embers. It can be easily primed by lighting coal (liquids or solid) and guarantees hygiene in the kitchen, thanks to sterile and certified packaging.

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