EVO charcoal oven

EVO charcoal oven

With the EVO charcoal oven, grilling has never been easier!

The EVO by Griglia King charcoal oven is the professional solution, to equip your restaurant with a practical, reliable and easy to install grilled cooking system!

Designed in collaboration with the best Italian chefs, this latest generation oven allows you to grill, gratin, roast and smoke evenly, with a considerable saving of time and respecting the quality of each food to the utmost.

Suitable for any type of restaurant, the EVO charcoal oven is completely independent, safe and super efficient. It is available in different sizes, to satisfy any operational need, based on the space available in the kitchen and the capacity of the room.

With a low investment, you can upgrade the kitchen of your restaurant, increasing productivity, speeding up timing and renewing the menu with a vast assortment of grilled food!

The benefits of the EVO charcoal oven

Barbecue flavour

100% natural grilled cooking

Allows meat, fish, vegetables and much more to be cooked on the grill in a healthy and tasty way. Eliminates excess fats while maintaining the softness of food, ensuring perfect caramelization of surfaces and giving dishes the delicious aroma of cooking on the grill.

Under hood oven installation

Easy to install under the hood

Designed to be completely autonomous and easy to install in any professional kitchen. It does not require a dedicated flue, but thanks to the flame arrester device (optional) it can be positioned, in total safety, under the existing extraction hood.

Charcoal embers

Charcoal powered

It works with charcoal embers (charcoal), which ensures greater heating power, double duration and significant economic savings compared to common wood embers. It can be triggered easily and guarantees hygiene in the kitchen, thanks to sterile and certified packaging.

The complete range of charcoal ovens

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